Our services to the woodworking industry include all activities related to the maintenance of segments such as furniture, pulp and paper, wood-based panels, wooden joinery, sawmills and wood packaging.

Optimise your processes

Were able to help you reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and want to be your business partner in designing efficient operational processes, e.g. by offering smart logistics solutions. We offer you insight into how our custom solutions and the use of the right materials and services can save you significant resources.

Keep production safe with optimum inventory.

Product availability and optimization of spare parts for our customers in the woodworking industry is the basis for cooperation. That is why we focus on the development of solutions that are able to meet these expectations. Thanks to our experience in this area, we have many interesting proposals that provide process control and material resource monitoring in a simple and convenient way.

Make your business smarter

Smart moving

We find the right solution for you. Our delivery setup is equipped to handling a vast variety of tailored solutions in relation to the distribution and flow of materials. Our main concern is that it should be convenient and easy for you.

Smart handling

We’re equipped to handle any special packaging, marking and prefabrication requirements you might have.

Smart inventory

We look at your entire supply chain. We will be your partner in managing tail-spend. We optimise your supply chain and help reduce your total costs.